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Original silicone treat pouch for animals big & small






Made from BPA FREE Silicone

Dishwasher & Freezer Safe

Treats don't fall out

For Wet & Dry Treats

The Original Silicone treat pouch

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Zoo Keepers

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Horse Professionals

The Original & The Pocket

Same same but different!

Here they are side by side - the only difference is the original is bigger and fits up to 4 cups of food and the pocket can hold up to 2 cups of food PLUS don't forget your tennis balls!

Both come in a variety of colours and a durable quick release belt which is included with every pouch purchase

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About the POUCH

The Original & Pocket Trainer's Pouch have been designed in Australia by professional animal trainers to make life easier for trainers in the Animal world! We pride ourselves on quality and have tested our products to make it stand out from the rest, making it the best treat pouch on the market!

Made from High quality BPA Free Silicone our pouches are:

  • Practical & Safe for training use for ALL animals
  • Flexible Making Reinforcement Quick & Easy Cleaning
  • Don't absorb odours or promote mould growth
  • Suitable for All Wet & Dry Treats Including Raw Meats & Fish
  • Waterproof, Freezer & Dishwasher Safe (top shelf)
  • Each pouch comes with durable belt BUT can fit onto any standard belt
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Great for Wet & Dry Treats

The pouch is flexible making reinforcement quick & easy PLUS it does not absorb odours so suitable for all treat types

Easy to Clean

Our pouches are made from BPA free silicone making the pouch safe for all animals, waterproof, easy to clean PLUS it is dishwasher & Freezer safe

Store your toys too

Not just for treats! You can hold your tennis balls or tug toys inside your pouch - no more drool in your pockets

Why stop at one?

Did you know you can fit multiple pouches on one belt?

Yep that's right you can have a pouch for different things - food, balls, poo bags, keys or phone!

Plus they make a fun accessory with our range of colours, why not collect them all - we have some great deals when you buy MORE pouches

Comments from our

Pouch Lovers


My Dog and I absolutely love this product! As soon as he sees it he gets so excited to work on his training! It fits so nicely around the waist and doesn’t get in the way during training and walking! And so easy to clean! 

Absolutely recommend this product to any dog owner!


The pouch has been great for my training. It’s easy to work with dry or wet food, which is great when you’re training multiple horses and they all take different food!

Then I can just rinse it out, chuck it in the dishwasher and start again

 So easy :)


This pouch does everything I need it to. It holds lots of treats and can be thoroughly cleaned. Therefore, I can put the treats directly into the pouch and don't need to struggle with tangled plastic bags. It's colorful and attention-grabbing. I've already received several compliments. Great product.


Behind the Trainer's Pouch

Meet fellow animal trainer's Ryan & Jen Tate form TATE Animals who are the Co-Founders of the Trainer's Pouch.
Find out more about the Trainer's Pouch Journey

The Pouch in Action

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